Project of activities for development of quality of life for children and youths

         Activities for development of quality of life for children and youths are training for children and youths in Daughters of Ruth Orphanage to have an opportunity to learn experience in various areas in addition to regular classes. The children will be able to bring these knowledge and experience to help themselves in the future. This is also for suitability of the organization to get output from a variety of activities as a supplement income other than requesting donations from benefactors and the relevant sectors. So, the Foundation has a project of activities to develop quality of life for children and youths as follows.

1. Agricultural activity and animal husbandry....for self-reliance

         This activity will train children and youths to have knowledge and experience in agriculture and animal husbandry. This will give the practical knowledge and experience and the output from this activity to be cooked for children and youth in the Daughters of Ruth Orphanage to eat or sell for income such as home-grown vegetables, rice and animals for their self-reliance in part in addition to donations from the benefactors and relevant sectors.
The agriculture and animal husbandry are as follows:
         1.1 Rice growing
         1.2. Fish farming
         1.3 Goat farming
         1.4 Chicken farming
         1.5 Duck farming
         1.6 Home-grown vegetables growing  

2. Training activity on basic industrial sewing, tailoring and crafts

         This activity will focus on knowledge and experience to have skill and expertise on practice of basic industrial sewing and crafts.

3. Religious moral training activity 

         This activity will train the children to be good with virtue and good morals, have a soul with love, generosity, and be able to live together with the society and nation peacefully.

4.English language development activity

         This activity will train children and youths to be able to develop their English skill, which is a universal language that people use around the world to gain more knowledge and expertise and accuracy from native speakers.