Message from the Heart

             Daughters of Ruth Foundation has been conducting charitable activities with 10th anniversary service on 30 October 2017. Thanks to God for blessing and leading us in helping children and youths and the mission in various areas throughout the past 10 years with His grace and stable love.
             Thank you very much for... every donation ... every help ... every love ... every kindness ... every good intention ... every concern ... on this occasion.
            With great love... generosity ... and support of all of you, Daughters of Ruth Foundation can do social works to help children and complete missions of the Daughters of Ruth Foundation until today. We are very grateful and sincerely hope to get love and good support from all of you continuously.
             Finally, May Lord Jesus Christ and holy things in the world all of you respect and believe in, as well as the merit that you practiced bring happiness in life, prosperity in the business, wealth with money and assets, good health and fulfillment of all desires to you and your family always…

From the board, staffs and children's