The Daughters of Ruth Foundation is committed to public charity with faith, recognizing that social problems require a long and consistent resolution period. So, it has developed the organization to be stronger and more firm to respond to the commitment to help female children and youth affected by long-term social problems. In this regards, two plots of land are provided, covering an area of 9.54 rai, divided into two parts:
            The first plot of land covers an area of 4 rai. 2 rai of the area is used for construction of various buildings such as children's houses, cafeteria building, multipurpose building and other useful buildings needed to serve as a place to help and develop children and youth. And the other 2 rai of area is used to grow vegetable plants, pigs, chickens and fishes. The product gained from this land will be used to prepare food for the girls at Daughters of Ruth Home.
            The 2nd plot has an area of 5.54 rai used for agriculture to grow rice for children to eat at Daughters of Ruth Home for the organization to be self-reliant in part other than asking for support of various sectors associated.

Registration status of the foundation

1. Daughters of Ruth Foundation has been licensed by the National Culture Commission to be incorporated as an organization since 30 October 2007, Registration No. Tor.ChorMor.25/2550

2.The Foundation has been registered by Chiang Mai Foundation Registrar, Registration Number ChorMor. 214 since 1 November 2007.


3. Daughters of Ruth Foundation registered change of head office of the Daughters of Ruth Foundation HEAD OFFICE : 507/1 M.10 Nong Harn Sub-district, Sansai District, Chiang Mai Province, Post code 50290, Thailand . on 16 July 2012.