Daughters of Ruth Orphanage Children's Home

Daughters of Ruth Orphanage Children's Home project.
Description of the project

             In Thailand, ethnic minorities and rural people usually are the marginal persons, who originally had a simple life with farming in the countryside on a hillside far away and disadvantaged in education and development. Most of them have a career as a farmer. Those who own land for working mostly have limited and insufficient, while many of them have their own land and have to lease from others to work year by year and have to change the leased place and remain unsettled. And their own land or leased land have low fertility giving low yield. There is also a risk of pests, variable weather and uncertain marketing. So, most of them have poor quality of life compared to most people in society.
             Nowadays, the era has changed dramatically. Even it is more prosperous and convenient, but it has many consequences as well. This is because of adaptation from a simpler life to a more competitive and stressful life in order to be able to live together with the current age normally with happiness. Many people try to adapt themselves to match the changing conditions of the era as well. But because of their disadvantage in society, they are disadvantageous to compete with those who are more prosperous.   
             With poverty in the family because of many factors together with the wrong values, a number of ignorant people have become involved in narcotic and the family is affected by many things subsequently such as being arrested and imprisoned in prison, death from murder, divorce problem, family breaking up, orphans, etc., especially female children and youth, who are usually the second class in society. When affected by lack of parental care because of family problems, they lack opportunities more to improve the quality of life and live normal life such as normal children. And there is a high risk of being induced by a person of ill-will into the new issues such as prostitution, human trafficking, etc. When the underprivileged female children and youths grow up to be adults, they may cause problems in society and become the population lacking the potential to develop the society and nation creatively.
             With such problems and needs, providing the female children and youths suffering from these problems, it is necessary to hasten carrying out for the current welfare and create opportunities for future development of the female children and youths in the future in order for the female children and youths to rely on themselves sustainably with honors. This will be beneficial for the children, families and society as a whole.
             At present, the "Daughters of Ruth Orphanage children’s Home" giving a hand on social work to tribal female children and youth, whose family is affected by social problems of being orphan, parents in jail or prison, and children who are at risk of trafficking by opening a children's shelter named helping children in the home for expenses such as residential expense, tuition fee, food expense, personal expenses. It also organizes activities for development of quality of life of the children, such as sewing, crafts, vocational works, moral, ethical and religious training, English language skills development of children, etc.

1. Assisting where possible with care and support for young women who are risky to become victims of trafficking and social, economic and sexual exploitation.
2. Register the emergency child home legally.
3. Instilling core moral values and equipping young women with the necessary skills and knowledge for the world of work and family life.
4. Working with other NGO’s doing similar work to achieve a better outcome in helping young women who are risky to become victims of trafficking and social, economic and sexual exploitation.
Target groups
1. Present tarket group is young women who are an orphan or living on their own because their parent are jailed. They are 6-19 years old and staying at Daughters of Ruth Foundation.
2. Future tarket group is other young women who are an orphan or living on their own because their parent are jailed.